Adobe launches Acrobat X

Photo by Praval

Acrobat XNow with custom PDF Portfolios, guided Actions, export to Word, Excel, Sharepoint Integration and more.

Adobe Systems India today launched a new range of its Acrobat software called Acrobat X. I was glad to be part of the launch event, in New Delhi.

The new range of products shall allow users to create, share, review and make high quality, interactive content in today's competitive business environments, hence, increasing productivity and a tighter collaboration with co-workers and collaborators. Acrobat X shall allow companies and governments to not just convert documents into PDFs but, build, share and incorporate rich media content within the PDFs while leveraging security and authentication features.

With Acrobat X, a wide range of file types such as Excels, Word, Flash, Photoshop, etc. can be combined together and put to use. Interactive forms can be used to collect data quickly and export to spreadsheets for analysis.

Mr. Sandeep Mehrotra, Country Head - Sales, Adobe Systems India said that the launch of Acrobat X reinforced Adobe's position as a highly trusted technology vendor to major sectors such as Government, Education, Financial Services, Manufacturing and IT/ITES.

The launch event included a neat demo of the key features to the journalists.

Some of the key features of Acrobat X include;

* Ability to automate multi-step and routine tasks with new guided actions and share them with other collaborators.
* Ability to change how users view and interact with content and its context with PDF Portfolios using new layouts, visual themes and color palettes.
* Ability to integrate with Microsoft® SharePoint integration. One can now Check-in, check-out PDF files for reviewing and editing shared documents.
* Sticky Notes and Highlighter tools available to all users, for commenting.
* Ability to extend PDF access to mobile devices with free Adobe Reader X for Android, Windows® Phone 7 and Blackberry Tablet OS.
* New Protected Mode security capabilities in Reader X for a safer viewing of PDF files.

Acrobat X Swag

Apart from the product range, now has an interesting service, Adobe SendNow that enables users to send and receive large files and track them with proof of receipt, avoiding email gateway issues, complicated FTP servers, or the costs of expensive overnight mail. This to me, is a great service for all businesses. However, the website currently says that this feature shall be available sometime in November 2010.

The website shall also have Adobe CreatePDF for easily converting files to professional PDF documents from within Adobe Reader X or any web browser.

The company launched three products - Acrobat X Standard, Acrobat X Pro and Acrobat X Suite, each with a different price tag. While Acrobat X Standard shall be priced at about INR 14,000, Acrobat X Pro and Acrobat X Suite shall be available for about INR 22,000 and INR 58,000, respectively.

I quite liked the gesture exhibited by the organizers and was glad to be invited at the event and receive a licensed copy of Acrobat X Pro.