Build your lists and direct marketing strategy

Most Internet marketers will define their marketing campaign by discussing their SEO or social media strategies. They have developed tunnel vision and have forgotten that they can sometimes pursue another promotional strategy that was been used long before the dawn of the Internet: direct marketing.

Advantages of Direct Marketing

There are two important reasons why you should pursue clients yourself. Rather than working diligently to attract your target customers to your site and deal with the ones who aren’t interested in your products, you can select the most appropriate ones yourself. You can also connect with them on a personal level and increase the chances of getting a response by tailoring your message to their needs.

If you cast a net and try to bring visitors to your website through links and search engines, you do not have much control over who is going to come to your site. Even if you chose to optimize for the right keywords, you are probably going to get a lot of visitors to your site who have no interest in what you are providing. When you monitor the information you get from Google Analytics and notice that you have a higher bounce rate, your first concern is that there is something wrong with your content.

This isn’t always the case. Sometimes, the problem is that you are spending your energy reaching visitors who just aren’t going to be interested no matter how great your product or service is. This is why you should leverage a marketing strategy you have more control over and decide which customers are going to come to you, rather than leaving it up to chance.

Your Direct Marketing Process

In order to sell customers directly, you need to build a list of target customers. List building is not difficult, but you can’t waste time following useless leads.

The success of any marketing program begins and ends with an understanding of your target customers. You need to make sure that you know which customers are going to respond to your needs and have a system for finding them. You also need to understand how their company works and how they are used to communicating. I have found forum groups and specialized networks are great ways to get customers. Also, once you have found a customer, always ask the customer for additional leads.

The process of finding clients is different, but that doesn’t change the way you go about getting them to purchase your products. When you are contacting your prospects, you need to make sure that you give them a link to a good contact page that allow them to contact you or sign up for your program easily, read List Building for Starters for more information. If you use a squeeze page for your website, you should keep it simple and effective.

The process for developing successful lists and using them to market your business is not difficult. You just need to think from the mind of your target customers and encourage them to do business with you. Another great resource if you want to learn more about direct marketing is Direct Marketing Strategies and Tips.