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Event Management made easier with Eventzilla

A recent and a more general web surfing activity of mine lead me into encountering a unique, quick & simple, and a very inexpensive online start-up firm named Eventzilla. I say unique, because it is a service that was never before thought of and one which could help event management firms save a lot of time. I say, quick & simple because unlike other online services, this website enables event organizers to take very little lead time and complications in availing event management solutions. I say, very inexpensive because there are very few or no online services existing that cost as reasonable as Eventzilla.

Unique, Quick, Simple and Reasonable

Let me get into nitty-gritty’s now and exemplify how Eventzilla, in the most reasonable of costs and in the most simplest of ways, solves event management predicaments. To host an event is quite a challenging task for even organizers and to make their lives simple and easy is the motto of Eventzilla. It usually takes a day or even two for an event to draw audiences online and also buy tickets online, but the web-based software firm enables event organizers to develop online event registration forms and accomplish ticketing registration in not more than 5 minutes. In no time will the organizer be able to set up an online registration page by filling out basic details like name of the event, location, pricing options, event description, etc.

Event makers and managers can now accept payments from consumers 24/7 online to whom these tickets shall be available not just between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays but round the clock, making it simple for the hosts to achieve more sales. Eventzilla also integrates several online payment tools like Paypal and also accepts 24 and more world currencies. Promotion of these events through e-mail invitations to friends and promotion on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and other blogs for free.

Some other features which Eventzilla helps event organizers to achieve are:

For any organization it would cost approximately between Rs. 25,000/- to Rs. 75,000/- to organize an online payment gateway and also file very complicated documentation to ascertain an approval from the CC Avenue prior to the firm receiving payments online. However, the procedure followed by Eventzilla is quite the opposite. It pursues the most reliable ‘Pay per Performance’ model wherein firms have not the need to pay for setup fees, monthly fees or any fees to list their event. All that the event organizing firm needs to do is pay a small portion of money for every sale that they make. For free events the charges at Eventzilla is zero. The events taken care of and benefitted by Eventzilla are - Conference & Seminar, Classroom sessions, Fundraising Events, Social Events, Training & Workshops, Local Meetups, Entrepreneurs, Tour Operators, Music Concerts, Movie Theaters, Comedy Clubs, etc.

Signing up to Eventzilla is absolutely free and it should be more enticing for event organizers to take note of this new online service which would integrate several other features to its web-based software. Some of the features to look forward for could be integration plug-ins for popular CRM platforms such as Salesforce and NetSuite, mobile ticketing, additional payment solutions. It sounds exciting, but it must be noted that several such start-ups face various predicaments right at the start and close down even before achieving success. Eventzilla must understand the market and learn to satisfy it better; must understand competition and learn to beat them in the long run.

With all this and even more anticipated, Eventzilla would definitely in the near future be classified as a very successful online event organizing firm, provided it overcomes initial hiccups and competes well against other substitute services.

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