Culture Unplugged - Spirit Enlightened

With the end of Culture Unplugged’s film festival, Humanity Explored, they’re already on another one “Spirit Enlightened” – an Online Film Festival, exploring the consciousness, spiritual, humane, political, unplugged and shared by artists and evolutionaries.

Culture Unplugged launches “Spirit Enlightened” with over 400 documentaries and short films from 130 countries worldwide. The festival aspires to trace the spirit that has led the humanity through centuries and civilizations. The festival hopes to explore with you, ‘That’ which envelops to infuse and evolve the individual as well as collective being, expands our vision of time as well as place, enlivens our hearts, and enlightens our species to transcend the present state of being for the mystical new – the next state of supramental self. The festival hopes to spread and feel the divine/enlightened spirit in the moment of its performance, in the midst of humanity now and forever, through film-media.

Humanity Explored

The previous festival – Humanity Explored – drew over 3.2 million viewers from 220 countries and 14,500 cities viewed over 400 films, and have applauded the documentary and short film works of the diverse film-makers that address issues such as human rights, social development, war and conflict and many other social issues. The audience has rewarded some films among all participating in this festival.

The Winning Films Are:

Culture Unplugged

Culture Unplugged aspires to bring film-makers, content producers, writers, professionals from social/scientific arena and world citizens to a single platform to connect, communicate and collaborate in meaningful ways. Its aim is to cater to the innate quest of its audience in seeking cultural understanding and to transform and evolve the social sensibilities. It aspires to spawn awareness, expand the vision of the future and promote the collective contemplation and action over contemporary global/local challenges.

Culture Unplugged - by and for global community of conscious storytellers, culture explorers and world citizens, reflects on issues and life experiences in the contemporary world. We are a new media studio focused on promoting socially and spiritually sensitive stories/films that do not merely express but pulsate to energize, enchant, enlighten, engage and embrace the humanity in us all.

Culture Unplugged online venues cater to contemporary audiences plugged into global-net, who are world cinema-lovers with conscious sensibilities and enlightened curiosity to learn/understand foreign cultures, societies and our collective future.