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What to expect from Apple today?

Within a couple of hours from now, the curtain shall finally get raised over the rumors, discussions and debates which have lasted for a couple of weeks. The latest technology news that is coming out from Apple is shrouded with mysteries and confusions adding onto the eagerness of consumers, technology experts, media and press. Today, Apple fans might hear something that’s kept all of us anxious for past few weeks. Ones who were earlier saying that there is no fire to this smoke are now coming out with a viewpoint that something is there for sure.

There are so many things that people want to know about this much anticipated technology and once they are asked about it they come out with a complete lava full of questions. There are lot many things that are being used to filter the reality and rumor; some of these prominent ones are indirectly giving fire to this, if incase this all comes out as a rumor. The very first thing that has grabbed the attention is the name. With the name given to this Applet tablet as Applet iSlate and that Apple has presumably bought the domain name According to the information that has been debated repeatedly on the web, the software that would be used on the tablet is called iGuide.

As the software used iGuide is a trademark name for these books, newsletters, magazines and journals, it is being said that this tablet is at least going to have an e-book Reader. If predictions are to be believed, this tablet shall have a virtual keyboard. Rumors are being spread that a special type of virtual keyboard is going to be used that will contain a mouse and a multi finger gesture interpreter. A lot of technologists say that irrespective of the technology it would come embedded with; its release would be a great experience to watch.

A famous analyst, Shaw Wu earlier said that it would be mix of an iPhone and Mac. Shaw said, “It is not intended to replace a Mac but to be somewhat of a ‘super’ iPod touch where video, gaming, web browsing, e-books, and the ability to run multiple apps, would be enhanced with the much larger screen”.

Apart from the tablet, there might be something in there for the iPhone lovers as well. We expect to hear about the features of iPhone OS 4.0 at the event. That somehow adds to the curiosity and excitement that has started to build across social networks, already.

So if, you’re already eager and excited to see what is Apple coming up with, watch it out tonight, 23:30 hours Indian Standard Time.

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