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Don’t waste your money buying Twitter followers

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Every Internet business has a Twitter account. Every Internet entrepreneur wants to create more followers. Followers spread their message and make their business more successful.

It should be no surprise that a number of programs have sprouted out of the woodwork trying to sell Twitter followers to the gullible. Of course, many entrepreneurs don’t know how Twitter really works because the concept hasn’t been around all that long. They are still used to the old school ideas about cutting corners to get ahead. The article — Buying Twitter followers? — describes this unscrupulous practice.

How useful is buying Twitter followers? Basically, the only advantage to buying Twitter followers is the ability to inflate your numbers to make your account look more popular than it actually is. Of course, this is the junior high school equivalent of paying to sit with the popular students. It barely works in the beginning and after that you realize that your money was poorly spent. With Twitter the benefit of buying friends is even shorter lived. People want to follow you because they believe you have something useful to say. The moment they realize that you aren’t putting any effort into creating a good account, they are going to feel betrayed and leave for new pastures.

Social networking is more about contributing to a community. Programs such as Twitter 1K are just scams directed at those too greedy and lazy to put the effort into creating a culture that others can benefit from. You need to think about how programs like Twitter 1K work. Anyone who has $24.97 can buy 1000 followers. Where do these followers come from? Real Twitter followers are human beings who have the free will to follow whom they please. These followers can only be automated bots or people who are paid by Twitter 1K to follow those who use the service.

Of course, not many people are even going to waste their time taking a few pennies to follow someone, so these followers can’t be real people. If they aren’t real, will they re-tweet your content? Spread your messages? Tell their friends to buy your products? When you really stop and think about it, if you buy Twitter followers you are simply throwing away money to another Web 2.0 scam. In the words of Shawn Eckert “If the path less traveled were the easy path, all would take it, thus making greatness simply average.”

Read some of Kevin Rose’s ideas on how to effectively build your following ethically and effectively in 10 Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers.

  1. A lot of companies think that having more Twitter followers makes them more appealing to consumers. Theres companies like @iwearyourshirt and @plaxicothedog who sell their tweets as a promotional service, using fake followers. The word needs to get out about the fraudulent business of selling followers, and the companies using them to make a profit.

  2. I agree that this is a waste of time just do it the ethical way in my opinion.

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