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Google Chrome 6 launched on its 2nd Anniversary!

Recently Google Chrome celebrated its second anniversary. On the same day, this popular web browser has released its new version to millions of users. From the hay days, Chrome has been very popular and currently ranks third among the top web browsers. Chrome is successful in attracting the attention of million web users, due to its lightning speed as well as clutter free and minimal interface.

Further, Google has also stated that it intends to provide the users with better stability and fewer crashes. Google also informed that Chrome’s latest version comes with a relaxing color scheme & several new features. Made available to countless users since 2008, experts knew that this browser has a potential of being one of the most used browsers, as it gives prime importance to its performance and the exciting user interface. It is successful in attracting a great deal of hard-earned attention. Today, Chrome enjoys almost 7.52% of global market share, which would hover around 80 million users.

Recently, Google has demonstrated few highly experimental tab features, which offer an overview of the actual working of Chrome tabbing, which in probability would be eventually enhanced. Mozilla Firefox’s Panorama feature has been very popular among the users across the world, thereby motivating Google to create something that would be more automatic and would not need of the intervention from the users.

According to Google, the JavaScript performance in the latest version is much faster, and one of the most important features is its support for HTML 5. Version 6 has added features like hardware acceleration, improved results and faster performance for its users. Its user base is growing every month and is proving to be a major threat to the supremacy of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Various extensions supported by this browser make things trouble-free for the demanding users.

Google’s Chrome team wants to achieve their aim, of being the numero-uno browser across the web and for that it has adopted an extremely rapid and incremental expansion model. Chrome version 6 is their first release, after which they are planning to push out new stable releases, every six weeks, which is a fast paced growth vis-à-vis other browsers. Coupled with its aggressive and highly useful background updater, it is expected that the users will get the newest and greatest features.

In past two years, Google Chrome has made significant progress and has a bright future ahead. The latest Version 6 of Chrome is available for immediate download. Existing users of Chrome can have their updates automatically.

  1. yes but how on earth can i get it to show videos that are on websites and why on earth doesn't google have a simple way for me to find an answer to this question?

    I'm not a computer expert and resent having to scour through lengthy forum discussions lookingfor an answer to what is probably a most trivial issue.

    If my car is broken I take it to a garage. I don't spend ages looking up the manuals and training myself to be a mechanic. Why cant Google have someone there I can just ASK?!

    Or am I missing something? But should one MISS something this obvious on GOOGLE?!

    I love the Chrome that I've just tried but if it cant play online videos then what's the point?!!!

    • Which online video were you trying to play?
      Btw, whom do you ask at Internet Explorer, Firefox and/or Safari for your issues?

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