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HR is now Social Media Savvy!

HR Manager worry about many things like employment rights, policies & practices. They want to know if the personnel are satisfied or not, whether they pose a threat of information leaks, attrition, skill retention and overall productivity at the annual performance reviews. If that isn’t enough, how do you inspire the current Generation of personnel who tweet, text and use different tools to communicate such as blogs, podcast, tags, videos and social profiles.

Where is Everybody?

Over 80% of the new-age workforce work @ home, on the road and are essentially more mobile than employees ever were. With an 800% increase in mobile workers since 5 years, employees now change job roles on average every 2-3 years. The #1 collaborative tool for knowledge sharing and networking; email attracts over 4 hours a day of employee time. As a result we have a HR nightmare – isolated knowledge workers with limited understanding of organizational expertise! When such vital corporate knowledge is held ransom in information silos; productivity, employee awareness and innovation are crippled by duplicating efforts.

Get the Gang Together!

How then do HR managers attract, discover and nurture talent, knowledge & relationships across the entire company to improve overall productivity? Dial ‘S’ for Social Media! Structured for business, social media software creates powerful online business communities to network, share and collaborate around daily tasks, projects and work activities with no IT support teams. Web Apps organize staff into specific groups, teams & roles in sync with the current corporate environment and all employees are instructed to join the new corporate network via email or BlackBerry mobile device.

Let’s Play!

Once connected on the central member directory, HR staff can quickly and easily find expertise & skills anywhere in the company, discover new team members in other office locations or business units, know who is currently online or working late, bookmark team members as peers & knowledge resources and track corporate contributions. All manner of content such as legal agreements, blog posts, forum conversations, meeting minutes, documentation, schematics, logos, marketing collateral, forecasts, specifications, messages and reports can be easily bookmarked and shared within teams, departments and even collaborative companies. Employees can bookmark, download or subscribe to corporate content, conversations & mentors who can help them do their jobs more effectively.

Don’t Stop… The Party’s just getting Started!

Security, a major concern for large companies is not compromised by Social networks as data & IPs monitored to protect against litigation, fraud, intellectual property, copyright infringement, patent claims and knowledge leaks. Blogging keeps new, existing and future staff up to date on policies, practices and corporate news.

Social Media is helping to transform business management and more importantly the most valuable asset of any company – the people!

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