iPad’s Innovations to be replicated in upcoming OS X Lion

The unbelievable success of the iPhone and iPad are changing the face of computing as we know it. The iOS software that powers the devices has been so successful that Apple is transposing it onto Mac OS X Lion. Each new release of OS X brings us innovative software changes and moves us forward in computing and OS X Lion, the eighth release of the software will be no exception.

The upcoming OS X Lion is slated to be released mid 2011, but Apple gave users a sneak peak into the new software. Lion will come with the following upgrades:

Mac App Store

The Mac App Store brings iOS ease to OS X. Based on the streamline downloading of apps in iOS, the new Mac Store App for OS X Lion will make finding, downloading and managing apps a breeze, just like on the iPad. Apps will not be updated automatically through the Appe Store, so keeping up-to-date will be easier than ever. The Mac App Store will be available shortly for Leopard, and will ship automatically with Lion, next summer.


This centralized control will function similar to the widgets feature. With one button you will have direct access to all your apps through a visually stunning display. Your apps can be organized into groups, ordered, folders and pages, making navigating through apps simple.

Mission Control

Mission Control puts all your controls in one place. Genius. How did Mac not think of this before. Mission Control combines Expose, Dashboard, Spaces and a unified view of window and app currently running.


Multitouch is truly bringing iOS fun to OS X. Through the use of Apple Magic Trackpad and the Magic Mouse, OS X Lion users will be able to have a similar work-flow to that of the iPad. The multitouch system is as close as you are going to get for OS X as Steve Jobs believes that touch screen are designed to be used horizontal, meaning we will not see any iMacs or Macbooks with touch-screens in the near future. “Touch surfaces don’t want to be vertical,” says Jobs. “After an extended period of time, your arm wants to fall off… touch surfaces want to be horizontal, hence pads.”

Full Screen Apps

Another iPad-like feature is the ability to view your applications full screen, for optimized viewing. Also like the iPad, with one quick sweep you can return to the desktop. You will also be able to switch to another full-screen application with a swipe of the intelligent track pad.