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Integrated Linux Configuration & Build Environment for NetLogic Microsystems’ Multi-Core Processors

Having served global requirements of system software, development tools, and many other system related professional services for 40 years, Enea has now announced the development of an Integrated Linux Configuration and Build Environment. This will serve as an integration of NetLogic Microsystems Linux software development kit (SDK) with advanced graphical configuration, build, and debug tools.

System developers are endowed with a supple platform with the availability of the NetLogic Microsystems technology leading multi-core processors combined with the unique Enea supported Linux development environment. Through this, the development of an array of high performance computer systems becomes easy and to top it all off the cost of the entire suite is zero for NetLogic Microsystems’ market-leading multi-core processors.

This unique product solution falls part of the Enea’s core Linux offering, wherein the Linux configuration and build tool have been completely examined and integrated into the NetLogic Microsystems’ SDK. Additionally, there are also select packages that are included which provide an innate and extensible Linux “jump start kit” for ease of installation.

The promise of a simple and easily deployable Linux atmosphere is made to consumers with the provision of standard, Eclipse-based IDE with editor, navigation, project facilities and source-level debugger which in turn personifies an integrated tool and Operating System (OS) platform. It also enables the acceleration of time-to-market and this again is free of cost. Besides this, Enea also looks at supplying users with the option of choosing annual support subscriptions, wherein there is the provision of services like availing commercial support from Enea’s Linux experts, attaining additional multi-core runtime and tools options, and value-add services. These services are in fact part of Eneas existing products list.

The alliance between Enea and NetLogic Microsystems has brought about the existence of a firm called eNsemble Multi-Core Alliance and the main motto of this partnership is the consistence supply of novel hardware and software product solutions to their commercial users. These business consumers are majorly networking and telecom equipment manufacturers. Along with this integrated version of the Linux Configuration and Build Environment for NetLogic Microsystems’ Multi-Core Processors, Enea is also looking at enhancing its existing and award-grabbing Enea OSE Multicore Edition, a realtime operating system (RTOS), and Enea Optima tools for NetLogic Microsystems’ best-in-class multi-core processors.

Talking about the strong bond shared between Enea and NetLogic Microsystems and the major purpose of their alliance Mathias Bath, senior vice president of marketing at Enea said, “The business model of unrestricted access, with true value-add in available advanced runtime components, tools, support and services is the way in which developers today expect to work with open source software. And the custom ‘platform builder’ approach at the core of this PDK is certainly the way developers prefer to build their Linux-based systems moving forward.”

The lives of several networking and telecom equipment developers are surely made easy thanks to Enea’s Integrated Linux Configuration and Build Environment.

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