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Mobile Developer Summit 2010 (India)

Mobile phones are poised to overtake PCs as the most-ubiquitous Web access device worldwide. As the ecosystem pushes the pedal to transition to a mobile-centric computing world, developers will find a greater need to distribute their products and services via mobile platforms, whether they are pursuing projects on behalf of their companies or innovating on their own.

As the focus world-wide shifts from App Stores to Developers (some even calling 2010 the Year of the Developer), the annual Mobile Developer Summit (MODS) brings together thought leaders and experts from different aspects of the mobile ecosystem to share their passion, experience, grit and learning to a gathering of over a 1000 mobile/web application developers and technologists. Whether experienced or new developers, or industry experts and decision makers, all share the floor to debate, share and rethink the world of mobile.Mobile Developer Summit 2010 will feature a convergence of thousands of developers, technologists and industry players from the mobile and web developer communities. Startups, investors, mobile carriers and device manufacturers will benefit from better understanding the latest technologies that will define the mobile market of tomorrow.

Mobile Developer Summit will be held on Wednesday, November 10, 2010 and will be hosted at the premises of NIMHANS Convention Center, Bangalore.

Pitch your App

Post a one paragraph pitch for your app, and the link to your app’s web site. The app must be live in a mobile app store and be available for download. Submit your pitch for the contest.

25 pitches will be shortlisted from amongst the submissions and announced on Friday, October 22, 2010. The top 6 applicants will receive full event passes to Mobile Developer Summit 2010 and have the unique opportunity to pitch their app in front of 1000+ developers, tech industry executives and investors.

Register for Mobile Developer Summit 2010.

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