Search Engine + Human Touch and Slashtags = Better Search Results

How often have users complained and cribbed about the failure of best of the business Search Engine sites like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc’s failure of not producing perfectly relevant search results has left many users annoyed. The new search engine - BLEKKO comes with new and improved promises of bringing out relevant search results; results that completely depend on human input more than the mundane and conventional search engines like Google and Bing.

Currently since the web is over-populated with marketing spam, there is a large possibility that most of the top 10 search results churned out by Google are not perfectly authentic. Thus, it makes sense for someone like Blekko to take note of this loophole and launch a search engine that is designed in a manner whereby it throws up results approved by your friends, colleagues, and a vast audience who also apparently requested for a similar search result in the past.

Speaking on its working Blekko Chief Executive Rich Skrenta said “narrowing down your search to groups of websites pre-approved by other users can be the best source of information (instead of the most popular) and the best way forward.” He also has gone on to explain on what are the things that you can do on Blekko that you can’t do on Google. Yet he rubbishes reports which state that Blekko can be a potential Google Killer; while his intention is to compete and kill

Works better with Slashtags

Blekko’s functioning is as normal as any other search engine web site, but its speciality lies in the use of slashtags along with the short texts used to refine your search. Thus, when a user wants to search for a particular celebrity say Amitabh Bachan on Twitter, all that the user has to do is type Amitabh Bachan /Twitter and boom - you have Mr. Amitabh Bachan’s Twitter web site link as the first search result to pop up on Blekko.

What to look forward for from Blekko

In recent times, Blekko has also received $24 million through funding with the help of which there shall take place thorough Research & Development for three years running on the new search engine product. The preliminary directory list of Blekko’s shall comprise of useful, spam-free websites in the categories of health, recipes, song lyrics, hotels, automobiles, colleges and personal finance. There will also be the provision for users to initiate, own and manage personal directories of selected websites relating to specific topics.

As stated earlier this search engine that apparently will be blessed with the human touch does not intend to pose any threat to Google, but shall serve as a secondary search tool. And it might come as a pleasant surprise for people at Blekko to know that Google (its potential competitor) had nothing but best wishes and compliments to give to the latest search engine driven primarily by social networking.