The iPad insanity continues

Many technologists felt that a product that was essentially a hybrid of a cell phone and a laptop couldn’t possibly take off. They have to hold their tongues now, as Apple’s iPad has clearly taken on a large following. In fact, it’s inception marked the largest turnaround for a major corporation in business history. The iPad has been so successful that Apple has racked their brains for every possible idea they can come up with to leverage those sales even further.

Some might think that Apple is going too far. But customers seem to be receptive to their marketing efforts and fanboys have devoured every iPad that has come their way.

Do customers need an iPad for every member of the family?

One would think that a single tablet could be enough for a house. After all, these families still have their laptops, personal computers and cell phones. Yet, some families have started to buy iPads for every member of the family according to Companies Making a Killing of His or Her Tablets. In fact, over a fifth of all iPad customers have purchased at least two of the devices.

The next iPad may be bigger and better than ever

An anonymous source has recently revealed some interesting facts about the second generation of iPads. Personally, I don’t put much faith in rumors, but this rumor has become one of the biggest news stories in the past two days. The new iPad is supposed to be smaller, but with bigger speakers as seen in iPad 2 Rumored to be Thinner and Have Bigger Speakers. Analysts have also been claiming that it is even going to have a camera on every side.

How long will the fad continue?

Fanboys and technologists have taken an interest in the iPad. How long will Apple’s newest product continue to be the rage of the technology community? Apple products have come and gone, but the current obsession suggests that they are going to be a big line for at least a few years. The time has come for us to brace ourselves for another Apple revolution.