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5 Very Cool Travel Gadgets

Travel has gone high-tech. This is good and bad, depending on perspective. But we’re going to say it’s mostly good. An argument can definitely be made that technology innovations have no place in travel, but that entirely depends on the reason for traveling in the first place. Sure, if you are looking to escape your regular life for much needed rest and relaxation then, yes, technology may not be your best travel companion.

But if you’re a business traveler, or a vacationer that simply cannot leave communications behind, then the right tech gadgets can be a boon to the experience. Most people would probably fall into this category - it’s hard to imagine leaving behind the iPhone for an entire week or other devices like tablets, laptops and iPods for that matter.

To cope with accessibility and convenience issues, a number of innovative companies are developing products at a rapid pace that are quickly eliminating many of the travel challenges that have plagued us for years. And they’re doing it in stylish ways - can’t argue that’s not an added benefit.

So that your next trip runs as smoothly as any of the best travel agents could arrange, here’s the Top 5 Coolest Travel Gadgets available on the market today:

  1. Targus Premium Laptop Charger: Less than $60 on Amazon, this standard laptop charger is about the size of a smartphone and designed just as sleekly. Using a wall socket, the Targus can charge a laptop and one other mobile device.
  2. Lewis N. Clark Belle Hop Travel Door Alarm ($15): Unless you’re sleeping in a tent on an African Safari, this device should help ease security concerns so that you get a sound night’s sleep. This travel alarm uses a 91-decibel alert to let you know immediately if your hotel door is opened.
  3. Heys xScale Pro ($25): With airline charges going through the roof these days, the Pro portable scale allows you to size up luggage that weighs up to 110 pounds to ensure you aren’t unpleasantly surprised at the check-in counter.
  4. Logiix USB Power Cube: Less than $20, This charger is small and cube shaped with a fold up feature and USB port that makes it a serious space saver in any suitcase.
  5. CyberPower Extension Power Cord ($7): If you travel with multiple devices, an extension cord is going to be a required component of any trip. With the CyberPower cord, you can juice-up three gadgets at the same time using a single wall socket. This is especially helpful in hotels with limited or ill-placed wall sockets.

Travelers don’t have to be gadget-phobic. These devices are intended to make travel easier and more convenient, just like at home. Embrace the contribution these gadgets can make and enjoy your travel experience all the more.

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