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Access and Manage apps with AppDok on IE, Firefox & Chrome

The Internet is alive with a multitude of apps for every niche. Each day, a variety of new apps are constructed. These apps find their way in to our lives via our browsers and they exist to make our lives easier in a variety of ways. It is only natural that you would be interested in trying new and unique apps. However, managing and accessing these apps on your browser can get a little tedious over time.

AppDok is the simplified solution for this task.

AppDok is the latest product in the line of app managing technology. The name of the product is actually self-explanatory. It is a central dock which holds major default apps as well as all the apps that you install on your browser. The product comes with some pretty cool features. To begin with, AppDok is extremely user friendly. Installing it in your browser is super easy and is completed within minutes. Remember, after the installation you need to refresh your browser page. Once you have done that you can see your AppDok pinned to each of the web pages that you open.

You get the option to pin or unpin the AppDok and move it to desired locations on your browser pages. All apps are categorically stored to avoid confusion. This also makes it easier for you to search for specific apps according to your requirements. You can install the apps that you need and then access these apps directly via AppDok every time. This means you can search, install and manage all your apps with this single product.

AppDok minimizes itself when the cursor is moved away from it. You also have the option of programming a snooze within your AppDok to switch it off at an instantaneous time. Apart from the quick apps access feature you can also opt for a quick apps alert service. You get direct AppDok alerts, via email, for newly launched apps that might be handy for you. The descriptions attached with the apps are summarized and to the point. So, you do not have to read whole bios to understand the specifics and select the appropriate app. Multiple alerts and notifications, about any single app, is grouped together to avoid cluttering your inbox.

AppDok is an ultramodern product for app support on your browser. The only point of contention seems to be that all the major browsers; IE, Chrome and Firefox already have their own support systems for app extensions. However, AdoMado, the company launching AppDok in the market, clearly defines the product as a centralized location on your browser where you can install as well as manage all your apps. With regards to the additional app management feature, the product is in fact, one of its kind.

In conclusion, AppDok is unique and a time saving option. It is worthy to have a place of pride on your browser. All you need to do is install the product and leave all your app worries and decisions on its intelligent technology.

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