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Adobe moves beyond Flash – finally

Adobe is giving up their sole focus on Flash and entering the exciting world of HTML 5. Before you get too excited – they are only releasing a first preview of their new HTML 5 tryout – Edge. Could this be Adobe’s first foray into the eccentric world of internet web standards?

Despite their efforts to push Flash on everyone – including iOS users – Adobe seems to be recognizing the abilities of programming, outside of their own brainchild Flash. This very likely comes after several technologists describe Adobe’s clinging to Flash a “living in the past”.

Or perhaps Adobe simply got sick of being Apple users’ punching bag.

According to Adobe’s Web Pro group product manager Devin Fernandez, Flash is not dead, the company is simply diversifying with HTML 5 – a proven strong web-standard. “What we’ve seen happening is HTML is getting much richer. We’re seeing more workflow previously reserved for Flash being done with Web standards,” says Fernandez.

Edge appears to be being released in stages, with the first preview limited in scope to: creating new compositions with drawing and text tools, the ability to import popular graphic formats, animation choreographing via a timeline editor, capable of copy n’ paste transitions, and has the ability to add to existing HTML files (whilst preserving initial CSS-based HTML layouts).

Currently with Edge there are three ways to create animations. The first, to import existing web graphics, second, by creating animations from scratch using HTML building clocks, text and assorted graphics (that can be lawfully, or unlawfully, obtained online), and thirdly by adding “motion elements” to existing HTML content via a Javascript file.

Adobe has already hinted that the following additions will be made in a 2012 upgrade: additional shapes, support for Canvas, and action-triggered events.

Edge must be good though; Flash creator and long-time defender Mark Anders is leading the Edge project.

Oh, and of course Edge integrates with Adobe Dreamweaver.

Note: You may also like to try other HTML5 tools like Sencha Animator, Hype, etc.

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