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Invoicera’s new billing service for Magento

Sending invoices to a client or a customer every time they place an order on your online store can be quite a daunting task. The same activity can consume the productive time of your business. But, guess what? Here comes the good news. A Company well-known for its online software for invoicing and billing service - Invoicera has launched its services on online invoicing in real time to Magento, an Open source based ecommerce webcart for online businesses. Henceforth, it will not be a tedious process anymore of sending manual invoices every time you receive an order in your online store.

This comes as a much needed relief for the business models which require instant invoicing and would want to upgrade and streamline their workflow process. Invoicera’s online billing and invoicing is an easy to use application, providing a one stop solution to all the business billing needs one requires for a professional business model. Its amazing time tracking mechanism helps you to keep track of the time of every specific project. Another incredible feature is expense tracking that keeps you updated on the entire expenses of a specific project.

The backup and the support it provides to its customers are noteworthy as well. The professional approach it maintains with its customers to create long lasting relationships has benefitted them to build strong bonds with its customers. There is more to this incredible tool than what you just read. It gives your clients a unique corporate identity through its template customizing service. You can create your own template customized according to your requirements. Be it a small start-up or a large enterprise you are running, Invoicera suits every kind of business to help them with faster invoicing and generate different reports with multiple payment gateways.

Further, Magento helps you control every aspect of your online store and leaves you with a good online buying experience. This merger will allow Magento store customers or users to automatically create and send professional invoices in real time within the Invoicera panel whenever an order is placed on its web store. With this extension, you can save your precious time by automatically importing orders to your Invoicera account and can easily cut down the hours spent on time-expense tracking into a few minutes or so. In other words, you can minimize the accounting errors and maximize the ROI and get the results almost immediately.

It clearly is a great online tool to drive you away from the mess of manual invoicing and billing. Invoicera’s add-on plug-in is user friendly and is easy to use. It just requires the business owners to plug in the API information on the Invoicera platform and ensure it functions properly. The icing on the cake is that the plug-in is absolutely free. Apart from saving you time and avoid redundancies, it creates your business as a more corporate model and reflects a more professional approach towards customers.

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