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CES 2012 - let’s anticipate Open Source

I know, it is too early to be thinking of the CES 2012, especially when the CES 2011 has just recently come to an end and we still haven't delved deep into the nitty-gritties of the event's outcome. However, it does not stop us from thinking and talking about the expectations from the next CES event. There were so many innovative products and services that were discussed, introduced and anticipated in this year's event, but there has never been the prominent presence of Open Source Software. This is exactly what the hope shall be for next year's event - A prominent presence of Open Source Software at CES 2012.

Let us take a look at 5 anticipated Open Source projects to be spoken about in the coming up event.

1. Ubuntu to take centre stage

Though Canonical's Ubuntu Linux distribution has made its presence felt during CES events, the coverage that it deserves has still not been given to it. There was just this one time when a series of ARM-powered laptops debuted by Chinese firm Nufront in one of the CES events. Ubuntu's successful growth rate with its innovative feature-list and the fact that it is absolutely free makes it, and understandably so, a thing of the future and hence deserves a centre stage at a CES event. It is also essential that we see Ubuntu in 2 kinds at the event - One as a stand-alone operating system on laptops, notebooks and tablets and Two routinely as a dual-boot option.


2. Linux-enabled Technologies

With Broadcom expected to join the Linux Foundation, there are more business consumers in the market of Open Source technologies than ever. "There is no question: Linux has become a major platform for communications devices and technologies," said Michael Hurlston, senior vice president and general manager for Broadcom's WLAN line of business. "Our decision to open source the drivers for Broadcom's 802.11 chipsets is in response to our growing base of customers using Linux and is the first of what we expect to be many open development success stories." Even though technologies are not completely based on Linux, at least the time has come for all hardware, software and other service applications to get Linux-enabled. This being the scenario, it is needless to say what should be expected at CES 2012 - Linux-Friendly Technologies.

3. Small + reasonable gadgets

It is seen that Tablets are the next big-thing, which are expected to drive the technology market in the coming years. But there is a concern on the pricing. To curb this issue open-source software and low-power ARM together can make them more affordable and accessible to all. This would help the inclined buyers of pricey 'i' gadgets who cannot afford it look for better and more reasonable options.

4. Open Source alternative energy sources

Though this could seem a little over the top, yet it is worth mentioning that Mother Earth needs to save more energy. Hence, there could be some ways through which we can see solar and other energy sources ported onto all mobile devices. Featuring the same at CES 2012 would be seen as a pleasant surprise.

5. Open Source businesses

Understandably, Open Source is free. But the software can be used by other software developers to come out with better solutions which can be bought by other business enterprises. This can give birth to enterprises like Red Hat, LibreOffice, etc.

A fantastic CES 2011 was achieved. Can we expect an even better and a more Open CES 2012 event?

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