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Digital Post-Cards from Hipster

Hipster is the newest in line of popular brands that have developed new ideas to improve upon the social media mobile photo sharing in the local market scene. Hipster has developed an iPhone app for this purpose. The difference with this app is that it is geared towards sending in digital postcards.

Using the app is simple and is supposed to be fun. You take a snap and then log in to your Facebook or email account. The app has 10 custom filters for you to unleash your creativity through different fonts, styles and image filters. When satisfied with your digital postcard profile, you can post it online so your friends and acquaintances can check it out. New additions to the innovativeness include geographic location of the senders.

Therefore, you can edit in your current location information as well as put in details about what you are doing at that particular time. You can share these digital postcards on Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media profiles.

When you want to view hipster digital postcards of friends and acquaintances online, just follow the steps above in reverse. Sign in with Hipster and then search your friends by information details or even by location. Swipe the digital postcards over to read the details that describe the photo. Hipster just has one size for photo postcards that works now. However, plans are to use portrait style postcards just as the landscape style postcards are right now in vogue with Hipster.

The popularity of Hipster postcards rests upon the few points of uniqueness that the app has over Instagram, its biggest competitor in the market. Hipster iPhone digital postcards app has a dynamic user interface, and the company is relying on this factor for the growth. In addition, Hipster postcards are concentrated on the location-based market. In fact, the postcards are also mapped out in Google maps for easy reach.

The next developments in the future of Hipster’s iPhone app will revolve around ways to economize the app. The iPhone app is free to download but Hipster authorities have come up with some ideas that might help them increase the popularity of the app and increase its net worth. The digital postcards might be available in printed forms in the near future. The company will also look at local sponsor deals to further expand the venture. Now, the sponsors of the app include some influential brand names such as Google Ventures, Mitch Kapor, Lightbank, and Dave McClure/500.

However, it makes sense that local deals will enhance promotional chances in concentrated doses. Advertising promotions are also in the plan and from the looks of it, the emphasis will be on sharing on location-oriented services.

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