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Do your Business need to have a QR Code?

Theo Lagerquist, who loves how easy technology is making communications and business. He also loves using his favorite search engine to find jobs in healthcare, his iPad, and other devices to stay in touch with others. His business is currently developing a QR code!

First off, what’s a Quick Response (QR) code? Right?! It’s likely you’ve heard of this latest technological trend, but do you understand what it is, and what it can do for your business? If not, then you may be missing out on a great marketing and customer relations resource, and you should definitely read on.

This is what you need to know about QR codes:

What are they?

Simply put, a QR code is like a bar code on steroids. It looks a bit different, and it links to a different type of data than a bar code does, but it’s basically the same concept. Have you seen those funny-looking squares on packaging, websites, and advertisements, featuring random pixilated designs? Well, those are QR codes. They can be scanned, just like bar codes, to access the data linked to the code.

How do QR codes work?

When you scan a QR code, you access a link that is associated with the code. This link may be a website or webpage, a static information site, a coupon, a movie trailer, a promotional video you get the picture. QR codes are a fast track to whatever information you want to get to people.

Who uses QR codes?

These days, everyone who has a smart phone has access to a scanner simply download a scanner app and you’re ready to go. That’s why it’s becoming more commonplace to see QR codes on product labels, in magazine articles, and on the internet, prompting readers to scan for more information. Anyone can scan a QR code, and more and people are catching on.

Code generation

You can either pay a developer, download an app, or use free tools by companies like Google to generate QR codes for any reason you like.

Business uses

Really, the possibilities are endless, and only limited by your imagination. You may opt to present special offers to customers, provide product specifications, promote a new business service, and much more through your QR code links, and can put QR codes on everything from business cards to mailers to newspaper advertisements.

If your business is not using QR codes, then it might be time to look into this exciting new(ish) technology. QR codes are inexpensive and wildly versatile tools that can greatly contribute to your business’s success. Try scanning a few and see where they take you, then decide if you’d like to be able to take customers away in the same sense, in order to decide if (or when) you’d like to start implementing QR codes into your marketing scheme.

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