iOS Battery Life Quick Fix - As usual Apple users, not Apple, fix the problem

With the rash of Blackberry blunders the iPhone really has an opportunity to steal the smartphone limelight – and what does it do? – screws it up. In the face of the global Blackberry service shortage, Apple released the iPhone 4S, and iOS 5. iOS 5 however has been coming under attack due to it draining the battery on iPhones and iPods, drastically undoing the leverage Apple could have gained over Canadian-based RIM, makers of the currently unsuccessful Blackberry.

Thanks to the iPhone 4S’s power-mongering features, the phone seems to be dying inordinately quickly. Apple, in its usual speechless-style hasn’t responded to the claims but will likely respond once they have a quick fix – or IF they find a fix at all.

Apple still hasn’t come up with a quick fix, but thankfully its users have. Some iPhone users with far too much time (funny pun you will understand in a second) on their hands have come up with a quick way to reclaim their battery life, by changing the phone’s time zone settings.

For those users that aren’t jet-setting iPhoners who are changing timezones on a daily basis you have a hope of your iPhone lasting through your day. By deactivating the preset of roaming zones you can save a reasonable amount of battery life. Apparently the rather useless service of constantly pinging of various location servers to update its timezone drains the battery.

To change your time zone settings simply enter the “Location Services” window and select the “System Services” tab, once there turn off the “Setting Time Zone” toggle. This should effectively double your battery life, and increase your standby time three fold of your iPhone 4, 4S or 3GS. Battery life improvements for the iPod haven’t been confirmed but the trick supposedly works for both.

This ‘quick-fix’ however won’t work for jet-setters and those who regularly use location-based apps like Foursquare. Also, the reported results from changing the timezone settings vary between users.

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