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Google’s Transformer product line is building a Microsoft-slaying open-source Optimus Prime

If you’re a tech geek like me you undoubtedly follow Google - and you also probably know all the transformers by heart. By using Transformers as an allegory we can put Google’s transformation into context.

Google has been acquiring companies, technology and people – aggressively, and now they are joining them all together to build a super-powered Microsoft fighting machine. And they now have Microsoft’s Decepticons in their sights. In fact if you look at Google’s product line, you begin to see that Google is purposefully encroaching into Microsoft territory -gearing up for the battle Royale of the decade.

The transforming elements;

Google Search is the heart of soul of Google’s Optimus Prime complex. It is the vehicle that started it all. Google Search is their core product, and exhibits a strength unparalleled - especially by Microsoft - not that Microsoft hasn’t tried.

Microsoft created Bing to try to take down Google’s heart and soul, but they are so far losing the battle.


AdSense is our Optimus Prime’s Autobot Matrix of Leadership. It is where Google draws their power (read: revenue). Google made $28 billion in revenue in 2010 alone, giving them the funds to acquire more technologies.

Google Docs

After acquiring Upstartle (word processor software) and 2Web Technologies (spreadsheet software), Google added their Autodeck and artillery to their arsenal - Google Docs. And they are planning a direct hit to Microsoft’s previously unrivaled Office Suite. Seeing as this software is open source too - it poses a serious threat to Office and is one of the best weapons Google has to take down Microsoft.

Operating System

After purchasing BumpTop Google added technology that would add two products to Google’s arsenal. With the addition of Google Chrome OS and Android Google’s attack on Microsoft (and another Decepticon - Apple) intensified. Android has already become one of the most popular mobile operating systems - destroying Microsoft’s mobile platform Windows Phone 7. Google Chrome OS is only just being released but may provide a challenge to Microsoft’s flagship product - Windows. This is Google’s attack on the corporate space as industry experts have Chrome OS pegged to steal a fair chunk of Window’s corporate market share. Chrome OS lacks the security loopholes that are the bane of IT managers existence, which is why it will provide a great alternative versus Windows.


Google is hitting below the belt on this one. The Chrome browser is quickly growing in popularity; in only a short time since the product’s release it has already grown to 10% market share. 10% in an arena that 5 years ago was dominated by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

Microsoft has begun to feel the heat from Google’s Optimus Prime-like product line. And they are responding. Microsoft recently purchased Skype - in a move that many experts believe was a preemptive attack to prevent Google from purchasing the VoIP giant and adding it to their Microsoft - attacking arsenal. Microsoft will likely use the new tool to add mobile capabilities to their offering, in a bid to regain some of the consumer and corporate market being eroded away.

Microsoft appears to be building up for a battle Royale, by building an Optimus Prime-fighting Megatron.

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