I’m Getting Arrested - App perfect for Occupy Wallstreeters or pill-popping, drunk-driving, shoplifting celebrities

Getting arrested? There’s an app for that. Yes, it is official, there is an app for everything now. Inspired by the arrests of peaceful protesters in the Occupy Wall street movement the “I’m Getting Arrested” app was created to let loved ones, lawyers, or the media aware that you are currently getting arrested.

The “I’m Getting Arrested” app allows you to program a custom, predetermined message to be sent to your closest friends, family and bottom-feeding, ambulance-chasing lawyers. Your preset message will be delivered to your alert list when you tap on the app’s ‘bull’s-eye’ notification button. The bull’s-eye button luckily requires a 2-second long-press, to avoid accidental I’m Getting Arrested notifications from going out.

And, of course, the grass-roots, anti-consumerist, hippy-inspired app is released only for Android, the only (popular) Open Source OS; an OS that surely aligns with their screw-the-system attitudes.

According to Quadrant 2, the app creator, it was “inspired by a real Occupy Wall Street incident,” and is “free to the other 99%.” According to this writer however, the uses for the app go far beyond protesters. The new app is also perfect for pill-popping, drunk-driving, shoplifting celebrities (cough – Lindsay and Winona – cough) to alert their publicists of their arrests, at the click of a button. This might just be the ‘must-have’ on every PR professional’s Christmas list.

The mass-texting app is differentiating itself from the other mass-text apps by aligning itself with the current arrests from the Occupy Wall street movement, but will they be able to hold the momentum after the protests subside? Quite possibly given the endless possibilities for the program – celebrities, drug dealers, DUI aficionados, shoplifters, rioters, meth addicts (that haven’t yet sold their smartphones), public urinaters, arsonists, parolees and illegal aliens. If the app survives the protest fading they may want to look into additional features like GPS tracking, to know exactly which police station or detention center you are taken to, or possibly an automatic Facebook or Twitter feed update to document the process.