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LG Optimus - Unique 3D SmartPhone

LG Electronics, the South Korean based company which promotes with the jingle - Life’s Good, has many products to its credit. The company has made remarkable presence in the electronic gadget’s arena with it’s cutting edge technologies. After successful launch of 3D monitor and 3D LCD Television, LG announces the world’s first 3D smartphone, flagging off the race of next generation smartphones.

LG Optimus 3D lets you experience the real world, absolutely without glasses. The new piece comes with Android (2.3 Gingerbread flavor) OS and has many outstanding features to its credit. On the technology front, it comes with dual channel, dual memory and dual core processor (1GHz) and dual lens camera. It is claimed to offer the best of graphics viewing, browsing and a plethora of software applications. You will be amazed to play 3D games and 3D movies without using glasses. The camera with 5.0 MP comes with dual lens that can capture 3D quality images. It should be a thrilling experience to capture images and videos in 3D.

The smartphone comes with a battery backup that lasts 100 hours or a continuous talk-time of 4 hours.

Compared to other smartphones in the market, LG Optimus 3D comes with extra advantages of dual memory and dual channels. This makes the piece superior to others in the market in delivering high quality 3D multimedia applications. It is all because of high speed processing achieved due to tri-dual combinations. The phone facilitates 3D recording, viewing and sharing. The 4.3” screen lets you watch high quality images (up to 1080 pixels) and videos (up to 720 pixels) in a broad perspective. You can unlock the smartphone’s 3D features by pressing the 3D hotkey. You will be able to manage five different user interfaces using the 3D hotkey. You can manage the gallery, camera, Game & applications, YouTube 3D and 3D guide.

3D Videos can be uploaded directly from the phone and can be shared to the rest of the world using YouTube’s dedicated website - You can connect the smartphone to other electronic gadgets using either HDMI or DLNA cables. LG Optimus 3D can perform the function of a modem. Your smartphone works like an instant Wi-Fi hotspot. It can be connected to a laptop or computer using USB cable, which can be set as external drive from the Notifications pull-down menu. You can drag and drop whichever item you want on the smartphone.

The smartphone unleashes Google Maps in an amazing way. It will be connected to GPS network instantaneously. Provided you download the voice suit from the Android Market, the smartphone will direct you with left, right, up and down voice commands. You will be thrilled to watch all these on the big screen.

The smartphone has attracted criticism for its low battery backup, heavy weight, non-juicy appearance, arrangement of power button, menu placement etc. It is expected to hit the market by September 2011.

A new era has started in the world of smartphones with the addition of 3D facility. Are you prepared to take this new leap?

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