Mac OS X Lion

Arstechnica did a brilliant, detailed and exhaustive review of Apple's new Mac OS X Lion -- Mac OS X 10.7 Lion: the Ars Technica review. Definitely worth a thorough reading.

From the article, here's a tip on how to burn a bootable Lion Installation.

* Download Mac OS X Lion from the App Store.
* Before you go ahead and Install, once you have the installer application, do a "Show Package Contents" on the Installer.
* You should find a 3.74GB disk image (InstallESD.dmg, stored in the Contents/SharedSupport folder).
* Use that disk image to burn a Lion installation DVD or create an emergency external boot disk.

10 Mistakes a Graphic Designer Shouldn't be Making

Charlie Johnson shared a nice article on 10 Mistakes a Graphic Designer Shouldn't be Making at DesignTaxi.

The Mistakes to avoid:

# Working without a design brief.
# Ignoring the target audience.
# Not maintaining a contract.
# Avoiding contact with the client.
# Procrastinating.
# Not staying up-to-date.
# Not starting in black and white.
# Pass off plagiarism as inspiration.
# Neglecting the power of simplicity.
# Lose confidence.

You do not need to define "0" a unit in CSS

I see quite a lot of CSS where the "0" is suffixed with a unit like "px", "em". Well, "0" do not have a unit and do not need one. The unit identifier can be omitted if the value is a length (CSS3 Editor Draft). After a zero length, the unit identifier is optional. However, the exception is if '0' is an "angle", the unit identifier is required. You'll have to say "0deg".

Thanks to a Philippe Wittenbergh, an awesome CSS guy (When I'm stuck, he's my CSS go-to person) for clarification on this one at the CSS-Discuss list.