In today's fast moving world one needs to be connected all the time, the most common tool is the mobile phone. Some people use a mobile phone with a monthly limit whereas some are not even aware of it.

It is also essential to know the global increase in mobile usage data.

Mobile Usage Data

Further, it is also essential to know on how much data one can use and keep a tab on your usage. Here are some tips on how you can control your phone before it will swallow up your precious megabytes.

* Usage of Video-Conferencing can be big turn off for one. Minimum of one minute of YouTube-quality video devours up 2 megabytes. It's advisable to indulge in YouTube and Netflix only if you're on Wi-Fi.
* Another devourer is the audio streaming and being connected to Internet Radio. It is more of an accompaniment to many activities. It consumes less than half of the data that video does, but ten minutes a day will burn a hole in your pocket. Viewing photos and sending them can consume significant amounts of data. Posting almost ten photos per day will eat up your megabyte plan.
* Navigation, though essential, consumes a lot of data when retrieving map images, of almost one megabyte a minute. It can be used for long periods of time when away from Wi-Fi, especially while driving.
* While web surfing many pages vary widely in its size, so this depends on whether one likes to visit graphically rich sites (large data) or the sites, which are mostly text-oriented ones (small data). But when roughly calculated, ten pages a day will consume up to half of a 200-megabyte plan.
* Facebook, Twitter & e-mail are one of the most visited pages but don't worry! Updating status and sending email won't take much data, but sending photos and viewing photos will and if one follows a lot of people and click on other links, data is used up.
* Small and focused apps like weather forecast report simple but useful things, it saves usage of data (and time) when compared to looking up the similar information on a Web page.

If your mobile bill crosses your monthly budget from the next time, do check the data usage on your mobile phones. Keeping the above things in mind, will help you keep your expenses in check!

(Image: Technology Review)