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OnSite - Engineering Your Electronic Items

Like its name, OnSite, founded by Kunal Mahipal and Amar Desai in 2010, serves as a pick up and drop facility for portable electronic devices that need repair, in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore (INDIA). An innovative initiative into the After-Sales service sector; however, the level of success remains to be verified.

We live in a time of high prices that can shoot up the day after, unannounced, and what is required is to make what you have last, reuse, recycle and repeat. That makes it important to have an after sales service that works, and that provides consistent service at your doorstep. The website says, “On time performance, friendly helpful staff and a guarantee that every promise we make will be honored are the traits that define the Onsite Experience”.

OnSite advises you to get your under-warranty products repaired from authorized service centers, a safe advice, but a certain way to lose out on business. Maybe by offering extended warranties on products, they could build up their market. A problem is that of reliability, the safety of your electronic product is only based on trust. So you will need to constantly monitor your product with the ‘Job Card No.’ that they provide, along with your mobile phone number. The positive aspect is that products can be traced online as well.

The time factor can also play a part, since it is not a big firm, delivering products on time can be a problem, although OnSite ensures a time bound collection of the items, but the return depends on the kind of trouble faced. The one month warranty on support seems a little less for such a promising undertaking. Clients will come to an online support system only when they offer hassle free and longer lasting service.

The payment methods for the services are varied and trouble free, as well as without any hidden costs or taxes. They accept Net Banking, all major credit / debit cards, as well as cheques and demand drafts, which reaches out to all kinds of individual and companies as customers.

There are also options for online support, or telephonic assistance, where you need not send your laptop or mobile phone or wireless router to the OnSite support team. You can describe your problems online and they will assist you in whatever manner they can. A very easy flow chart is available on their website that describes the steps towards getting your product repaired. They also cover a range of brands of products which is good news for clueless customers who have to depend on dubious engineers for product assistance.

The online customer care also seems a good option, and they assure a reply to your queries within 24 hours. Although some aspects still need to be looked into, like assuring absolute safety of products and associating with companies that manufacture mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras, etc. in order to provide a better promise for after sales service. Being an independent venture might be a hitch in the success of this capable online service, and gaining the confidence of customers by associating with big companies will help build a reputation.

Looking forward to the accomplishments of this ingenious online service and hoping it lives up to its name and promise.

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