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Android Apps - Innovative Trend in HDR Photography

Today, most Android Devices have the best of cameras possible. In fact, your default Android device may not have a good app to take photos and share them. However, with a little help from some of the latest apps, you can transform it into a useful photographic escort. It can handle a wide range of photography related tasks. Android is the hottest mobile innovation by Google that is taking the mobile market by storm. This mobile platform is totally unlocked, allowing application developers a free rein to display their creativity; at the same time it gives the users the advantage to experience freedom of playing with new possibilities. There has been an overabundance of android phones in the mobile market recently and that effectively increases the amount of great photography apps in the marketplace.

Android market offers some outstanding and innovative apps for everyone. Apps associated with photography, such as photo editing, photo manipulation, high definition photos, photo enhancement apps and some definitive functional filters and photo plug-in for creating different effects. These also assist in experimenting with some complicated rules of photography. There is a wide range of some must have apps for all kind of users, from beginners to professional photographers that use android phones.

There are two categories of apps. First is the regular camera apps that take HDR photos with a click. The second types are those that do post production work such as adding HDR effect to any existing photo.

Let’s take a look at some of these fascinating apps of both categories:

Camera Mode

Photo Editing

Taking pictures with an Android Device is faster and more convenient than a point-n-shoot digital camera that usually needs a post production rendezvous. It is totally possible to get decent pictures with your Android Device these days. These apps enhances your pictures, doing all the pre and post production work, required to produce a stunning photo.

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