• Dear Brajeshwar!
    How can I use it in Coda 2?
    I can open .scss files, but Coda doesn't compile my .css file.
    I also need to autoupload the compiled .css file.

    I'm also tried Livereload, which compiles my sass files automatically, but Coda doesn't detect the .css file changing, so the file doesn't appear for publishing.

    • How to Install is outlined in the readme in the repository or the download.
      Coda is for editing and not compiling. I don't think it can compile anything.

      Livereload has nothing to do with either Coda or the Sass.Mode.

      • WTF, so you can edit a sass file with Coda 2? Wow, my textedit can open it too.

        • Jt

          No dude, you can edit it fine. You just need a compiler to auto-compile every time you save it. Something you need regardless of what editor you use.

    • There is a project of Sass compiler for Coda, but I haven't tried it. https://github.com/secca/Coda-Sass-Plug-in

  • Bullshit. It comes with fucking SCSS mode, not Sass.

    • Because Bullshit. SCSS is just the syntax, it is and always was referred to as Sass (don't confuse that with the .sass syntax).

      • BTW, when I write in Sass syntax, highlighting is broken. So call it SCSS mode, not Sass mode and it's the deal.

        • Are you on Coda 2 or Coda 1? Remember my code is for Coda 1. Coda 2 have already included the SCSS Mode in the IDE.

          I hope you're not barking up the wrong tree! If you're using Coda 2, please complain with Pani (maker of Coda), not me.

          • I was talking about article with heading “Coda 2 comes built-in with Sass Mode”.

          • Yes, Coda 2 from Panic comes with the enhanced version of my Sass.mode that was made for Coda 1.

  • pglatz

    This is a great addition to Coda, thanks for making it. The only thing it lacks is a css property inspector. I have been using the no longer supported standalone version of cssEdit from MacRabbit. I love the way it lists most CSS properties on the right pane and allows you to quickly enter them. There are so many options for CSS, it really helps me get to them quickly. I know about Coda's pops, but they just list the names of properties, nothing about possible values, and they take too many keystrokes to use. I much prefer seeing all the properties just listed on the right. I know this is probably Coda's issue more than yours, but maybe you could say something to them about it.

  • clod

    If you work on Windows OS - I suggect Codelobster for editing SCSS files - http://www.codelobster.com

    • Peace of corporate shit. WebStorm EAP is free and much better.

      • PK Hunter

        BS. WebStorm is for engineers who like the fugly Java crap. Coda2 is a pleasure to work with, as is Sublime Text 2

        • I'll double-down and say that Webstorm is garbage compared to Coda's thoughtful design. Sorry, but when it comes to good software and Panic it's COMPLETELY worth the price.

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