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Does Google Enjoy Rights to Delete Copyrighted MP3s from Gmail?

Amongst the million controversies that raise questions about the various rights that Google can exercise in the world of internet, which it presently dominates; the latest rumor has enraged people to a great degree. Just as Google uses its unique power to scan through innumerable YouTube content and discard those, which are illegally posted or are alleged of copyright issues, Google has been accused by an anonymous user, of removing music files from Gmail under the charge that those files have conflicting copyright affairs. However, the extent of truth in this rumor is still under debate.

It is a known fact anymore that the privacy policy of Google gets updated every now and then. Thus, it is likely that Google might have come up with a new notion of using its right to eradicate all the illegal contents that people store in the Google Music digital lockers as their personal records. If it is indeed the case then the above-mentioned story may actually be plausible. But since a spokesperson from Google has directly testified against any such action undertaken by the team of Google, we cannot completely disregard the possibility of this rumor being false.

The anonymous comment writer also specified the probability of Google going through the strain of scanning each and every Gmail account personally under the pressure of some extremely unavoidable conditions, which indirectly points to the fact that Google might be acting under strict orders from the court. Whatever might be the actual reason behind such drastic decisions from Google, the users of the Gmail all across the globe will now surely be worried and uncomfortable because people tend to store all kinds of personal contents in Gmail. Thus, such unwanted violation of their private content may most certainly contribute to the immense discredit of Gmail.

As we know, Google has clearly specified that they never tend to interfere into anyone else’s account by mere will accept “in extreme cases”. Furthermore, all the data, information and files owned by each respective user is liable to his/her complete privacy, the unwanted disappearance of the music files owned by the certain user who vigorously commented on it remains mysteriously unexplained. However, it has been evidently seen that the Content Id service used by Google for scanning the content under the copyright radar has only been used for YouTube alone. No other Google service like Gmail has ever been evaluated using this particular scanning service.

All this said and done, the jury are still undecided on whether the disappearance of the music files from the alleged Gmail account are a phantom case of erroneous mishap or another deliberate attempt of degrading the name of Google. The user has raised a hue cry about her missing files. She has clearly stated that she had kept all her music in a folder inside her Gmail account and all she is left with now are just two of the music files, which are for some unsigned artists who cannot be located anywhere in YouTube. As to the presumption that the other missing files owned by her were illegal is futile because nothing is known about those files yet.

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