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AuthorStream’s Sharing goes Mobile

Just as Flickr enables you to manage and store photos, AuthorStream helps you manage and share PowerPoint presentation files on internet. The service is offered free of cost. You can sign up and start your presentation sharing instantaneously. In order to fulfill the requirements of mobile segment, AuthorStream has announced a new mobile site. With the enhanced mobile version, you will be able to share presentations through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ or through email as well.

The distinct advantage AuthorStream provides in addition to its capacity to serve mobile community is the ability to store, retrieve and share presentations without compromising on quality. Whatever is embedded in your slides like animations, sounds and videos will not be distorted or modified from their original versions. Furthermore, users will be able to access presentations from anywhere and at anytime.

Interestingly, to access presentations on your smartphones, there is no requirement of installation of any specialized software. You can access presentations straightway from the authorstream site. Of course, you can have the desktop version of authorstream as usual. As of now, Authorstream supports presentations created through Microsoft PowerPoint only. You will have access to hundreds of thousands of PowerPoint presentations by registering yourself at free of cost. You will be able to share, download and embed your favorite’s slide shows right into your blog post. It is also possible to comment on PowerPoint presentations and you can share these presentations with your friends through social networking sites. You will be able to access information on a variety of topics through which you can update as well as upgrade your skills and knowledge.

AuthorStream lets you access featured presentations from your friends and clients. This is possible without switching any platform. It is also possible to upload your presentation files and share them in private mode. In this way, you can limit the access to your presentation files. If your presentation files contain audio, it is possible to load the presentations as .mp4 on YouTube. You can avail free conversion facilities if the length of presentation is less than five minutes. Using AuthorStream, you will be able to present to global audience through Present Live option. You can register for premium membership through you can enjoy special sharing privileges.

Slideshare, a similar kind of service provider has more affinity with LinkedIn. It has a dedicated Facebook application as well. It promotes group mechanism to share and access presentations among group members. Through AuthroStream’s special features you can capture audio and video from various sources and create PowerPoint presentation in vivid ways. Theme filled presentations will go a long way to communicate and transform through convenient mobile phones.

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