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Intel’s LibreOffice gives you Liberty

Intel - the iconic name in the computer industry has delivered a wide range of processors over the eons. As a matter of fact, processor plays key role in the performance of desktop or laptop. Processors developed by Intel are used by the majority of computer manufacturers all over the world.

Now, Intel has spread its wings to offer application programs in association with The Document Foundation (TDF). The open source product is available for distribution through AppUp store. AppUp store is meant for purchase of Ultrabook which was setup by Intel. LibreOffice which is distributed by Intel has the capability to pose a challenge to Microsoft’s Office products. No more customers are required to shell heavy price for the purchase of MS-Office products.

LibreOffice is a community driven project which was initiated in 2010. It has made significant strides after its acquisition by Oracle’s Sun Microsystems. LibreOffice offers powerful office suite that can be installed on Windows, Macintosh and Linux based systems. You are free to use these feature rich applications for all your documentation and data processing requirements. The advantage LibreOffice offers is that you will be able to get support and documentation from a large number of dedicated community users. In fact, you are encouraged to contribute by giving useful feedback and your hands-on exposure in coding. It is a great opportunity to shape the product as per your requirements as well as for the majority of individual users around the world.

The latest version LibreOffice 3.5 lets you utilize office applications which include Text Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Drawing, Database and Formula. The product is available in five different languages. Besides English, you can access in German, French, Spanish and Italian. It is easy to install, uninstall and work with the software. As the product is made available at AppUpSM center, ultrabook users can take advantage of it. It is to be noted that Intel has partnered with the TDF Advisory Board. The Board is responsible for decision making and funding the LibreOffice project.

The new venture will help spread LibreOffice to new user segment. Organizations will be able to save money and at the same time will be able to improve their overall productivity. In future the product will be updated and upgraded with the support of corporate clients in such a way that the documentation requirements are completely fulfilled and efficiently managed. Corporate community can take advantage of this new opportunity by involving in the development process and at the same time fulfilling the requirements of the general public as well.

LibreOffice, the application suit will go a long way not only in use but also in popularity as the project is back big technology giants including Google, Novell, RedHat and Canonical. Intel has a long association with Microsoft and the new development will definitely pose a challenge to Microsoft to retain its market share.

LibreOffice application, in all probability, should be welcomed by the majority of users if they get decent help, upgrades and updates at regular intervals of time. In addition to technology issues, if the application developers are able to clinch deals with major hardware and software developers, sky is the limit for its success.

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