New L-Style phones from LG

From basic phones to smartphones, LG offers a wide range of models. Each model offers a specific set of features in proportion to the budget opted by users. Along-with other mobile phone manufacturing majors such as Samsung, HTC and Nokia, LG launches attractive new models with new features quite often. Recently, LG announced a new set of 3 phones - “L” series. These new models have close resemblance to HTC and Samsung. Through L series, LG offers simplified versions of smartphones. L Styles will fit in between budget and high-end models of LG.

New L-style phones offer better grip and it is easy to carry these slim sized ones. Special layout and design features attract users to stick to the new screen. Of the three L models announced, LG Optimus L7 comes with 4.3” display. L5 sports 4” while L3 sports 3.2 inches. L7 offers Ice Cream Sandwich and L3 runs on Gingerbread Android OS. It is revealed that L3 comes with 3 MP camera while L5 and L7 are fitted with 5 MP cameras.

New L series announced by LG reflects its intention to strengthen its Smartphone market by offering improvised models. These new models are designed to withstand the stiff competition present in the mobile phone market. By offering user friendly features along-with stylish design and detailed views, it can attract new users. All through the years, LG was able to survive and offer attractive new models in tune with the innovations happening in electronics. It has proven its leadership by incorporating new features out of its R&D efforts in various models.

L-style smartphones from LG have attractive looks. You can hold these mobiles in your hands firmly and can plunge into another world thorough their beautiful layouts and aesthetic screens. L3 is expected to be launched in Europe in March, 2012. L5 and L7 are expected to be offered before June, 2012. The hardware details are not yet revealed by LG. These new models will be rectangular in shape and will have a rectangular button at the bottom similar to Samsung Galaxy II models. You will get the feeling that the screen is floating on water. This is made possible as the display is closer to the peripheral glass.

So far the price of these new models is not revealed by LG. It is expected that more details will be available from the upcoming Mobile World Congress, 2012. As new chips are developed more tasks are being performed in less space with less power. The reduction is not only limited to the internal components but also to the external screen size with makes new models very attractive. With every new launch, the overall size of the gadget is coming down along-with its weight. Sophisticated manufacturing technologies are employed to organize the components in such a way that space can be preserved by accompanying minute parts effectively. The success of these new models will depend not only on the size, shape and features but also on the competitive pricing to be announced by LG. Unless LG offers attractive pricing, there will not be much movement in sales figures.