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Setup Facebook Chat with Messages in OS X Mountain Lion

Apple recently announced OS X Mountain Lion and is expected to be released this summer 2012. If you’re adventurous enough, you can download and try out the developer beta release of OS X Mountain Lion.

For the remaining mere mortals – you and me – you can try out Messages Beta which will be part of the new upcoming OS X Mountain Lion.

OS X Mountain Lion Messages

You can use your iCloud ID to sign-in to Messages and start using it right away. The other supported services are AIM, Google Talk, Yahoo! and Jabber Protocol.

Setup Facebook Chat with Messages

You can setup Facebook Chat to work with Messages. Follow these simple steps –

  1. Add a New Account and choose “Account Type” as Jabber.
  2. Add Account Name as "[email protected]" (replace ‘username’ with your username).
  3. Enter your Password.
  4. Click on the “Server Options”,
    • Server:
    • Uncheck ‘Use SSL’
    • Port: 5222

That’s it. You’re done.

  1. Hey there!

    Great stuff... if doesn't work for you turn on the 'automatically find server and port'. Finally it solved my problem.

  2. Good Tipp! Thank you!
    But I have one Problem: I can only send
    messages from facebook. When a friend answers I can only see that he's
    writing, but I don't recieve the Message...
    Does anyone know a Solution?

    • Click the "Window" tab on the menu bar. Then click buddy the old ichat window will appear.

  3. HI, after setting it up, it then telles me my password is wrong and I'm sure it is right, have checked all other settings are correct, please help?

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