Android ‘Opens Arms’ for Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most suave and user friendly browsers. This browser is mostly used as a style statement due to its vogue user interface and themes. The good news for Chrome lovers and Android owners is that google has started offering the beta version of the chrome browser for the android users. On the flip side, the chrome browser is only available for the android devices that use Android version 4.0 or popularly known as the Ice Cream Sandwich. Currently only 1% of the Android population are on Ice Cream Sandwich Android devices.

This measure of Google is to provide a common browser for all three of the computer, tablet and mobile phones. Using google chrome on all your devices will have following advantages -

Display of Same Tabs

When you have logged in through various devices by google chrome then you can make the browser display the tabs opened on one device to another. This is one of the prime advantages which all of us need at one point or another.

Compatibility of Auto Complete

Similar to tabs the auto complete is also compatible across various devices. If you have entered some of your details through chrome in your P.C with auto complete on then you can be able to view the auto complete details on your Android tablet. This is again very useful when you want to fill forms quickly.


Of course, now you can open the bookmarks you stored on chrome from your P.C through your android 4.0 tablet. Isn’t it cool? No more menace of searching your P.Cs bookmarks and then type it on your tablet.

Fast & Intuitive

The chrome browser is designed for the Androids in such a way that it is very high in speed and performance. This is because the chrome browser is built from scrape for the Android users.

Fits Screen Aptly

As the browser is built from the scratch it is also designed in such a way that it fits the screen aptly and displays contents effectively. Content Preview: Users can also preview the contents of their links on the screen so that the best link might be chosen. This is one of the major features which not many browsers provide that also for a mobile’s browser. Additionally this makes our search more effective.

While these are the major advantages of chrome browser on Android phones, the consequence is that there are no talks about releasing the version of chrome which will be compatible for other models of the Android phone and other similar OS devices. Prior to the release of this beta version, google chrome was unique for PCs alone and for the Android mobiles it was a separate browser.

However, the separate browser wasn’t much of a success since the smartphone users mostly use the inbuilt browser rather than downloading a new one. The exception to it is of course, Opera Mini, which is the only mobile browser which users download frequently. Now the beta version of chrome for Android will also join the list; that however depends on the launch of the beta version of chrome for other Androids by Google.