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Why won’t index files deployed on Cloudfront work like it does in S3?

I seriously had no clue about this. It was one the most irritating thing while deploying static site hosting on Amazon Cloudfront. I had in-fact stayed with S3 for sites that had folders with “index.html”. Here is the solution for those who haven’t figured out yet.

I was recently deploying a Jekyll powered static site for LxiDD – During the test phase, it all worked fine being deployed on the S3. When I decided that it’s ok to move to Cloudfront — except for the root index, anything else inside a folder won’t display without appending the “index.html” at the end.

This does not work.

But with the index.html, it does


By default, when you deploy a Cloudfront Distribution, it will point to the location of the S3 Origin – Instead of that origin, your Cloudfront Distribution should have points its origin to S3 Endpoint which looks something like –


1. Look at the “Properties” of the S3 Bucket and copy that link.


2. Now Add/Edit your Cloudfront Distribution Origin to that link.


I hope that works for you.