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Access Clipboard History with Alfred (Mac OS X)

Quite often, one of the suggestions for developers and designers is to have a tool or a utility to access your Clipboard History. There are indeed quite a free few good tools which sits in your menubar that does the job very well. Some of the most recommended free ones are Jumpcut and ClipMenu.

However, if you’re one of those Alfred user who bought the Powerpack (you should buy it, it’s magic), it comes with a nifty Clipboard History Manager. One less menubar app to worry about.

Alfred Clipboard History) Access Alfred Clipboard History with your desired keyword.

Before you can start using the Clipboard History feature, you need to enable it by going to the Preferences panel, under “Features > Clipboard”. By default the Clipboard is disabled for privacy reasons.

Alfred Clipboard History Snippets) Alfred shows you the Clipboard History Snippets.

Choose your choice of Clipboard history from 24 hours to 3 months. You can also set your desired Key Shortcut and Keyword. Remember to set it to ignore Password Manager apps - 1Password, Keychain Access, etc.

I prefer just typing “clip” to fire the clipboard history.

So, what’s your favorite Clipboard Manager for OS X?

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