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PlagiarismCheck - is it worth your time and money

The present-day digital world gains the upper hand when it comes to writing and publishing content online. Everyone can create and share them with the public, so the issue of plagiarism and copyright infringement becomes essential more than ever. To make sure they write original works and no one duplicates them, writers consider plagiarism check tools and services to protect content from copy-pasting.

One of them has strong chances to become your own plagiarism curation tool, which belongs to a new-generation service complemented with technology and advanced algorithmic solutions.


PlagiarismCheck is a web-based and hassle-free plagiarism checker aimed at saving the online world from duplicated content. It helps students and educators to prevent plagiarism in academia. It allows journalists, project managers, professional bloggers, and any other specialists working with texts to protect their works and avoid accusations of plagiarism.

PlagiarismCheck searches th internet analyzes all available documents, compares them to submittals, and provides a detailed report on any plagiarism issues found.


With its improved algorithms and experience, PlagiarismCheck is easy to use yet able to deal with all types of plagiarism, including the most unobvious ones such as synonymization and hidden symbols. While most plagiarism checkers review documents in .doc and .docx formats only, this one supports multiple formats such as .txt, .odt, .rtf, and .pdf.

Checking content for duplications with, consumers will have a chance to detect the following issues:

More than that, the tool recognizes quotes and references in APA and MLA styles, underlining but not including them in the overall plagiarism count.

The tool can produce a permanent report on each checked documents, allowing users to download it in .pdf format or access it through their accounts.

How to Use PlagiarismCheck

The tool is web-based and doesn’t require any downloads or installations. Start using it by signing up for a free account. The next step is as easy as pasting text or uploading a file with content to check. In few seconds, the results with highlighted duplicated parts and sources of plagiarism can be seen.

How to use PlagiarismCheck)


PlagiarismCheck offers three upgrading options, depending on the number of pages a user needs to analyze: light, standard, and premium.

Unlike most services, this one doesn’t offer any monthly or yearly subscriptions. Once bought, a chosen pack will not expire until a user decides to use all the available check limits.

PlagiarismCheck deals with an unlimited text length, so users are welcome to upload and check long texts with no fear of losing information.

Should you try it?

With a pricing option that never expires and the ability to use purchased package anytime you want, there is no reason not to try out PlagiarismCheck. Detailed reports on plagiarism issues from PlagiarismCheck can protect from false accusations and prove the original nature of any written content.



PlagiarismCheck is a useful and affordable tool. It is worth trying out for students, bloggers, journalists, digital marketers, and everyone who works with text content online.

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