Why I sign-up with New Startups

It is not easy being a founder.

For a founder, it feels really good when someone signs up with your idea, your website.

So, whenever I see a founder asking to sign-up for their Startup, I just sign up. I want to help in the tiniest possible way to help them kickstart something or be part of something. I hope, it helps and makes their day, a better one.

Sign up with new Startups, products, and ideas. Perhaps you can use various ways to protect yourself, such as, using a different email or adding a +StartupName to your email but do sign up. For instance – [email protected].

Personally, I don’t do phones. Unfortunately, if a website or a product, or an app forces me to default to a Phone number, I think many times before signing up, or try to avoid it if there is no alternative to sign up with an Email. The simple reason is that I have full control over my email but not my phone number.