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Plan the Years

Everyone plans their years ahead, whether they follow up or not — every year, people plan. Over the years, I have used many tools, and I feel I have settled with my own ways – a much simplified, minimal pattern that starts with pen and paper and is written down on a few plain-text files.

It would be unjust to not credit the ones I got my inspiration from. Here is a list that helped me in many ways to simplify and tame my lifestyle while still struggling in the puddles of my thoughts and aspirations. These are mostly physically printable or items you can hold, write on, and feel your pen come to life.

David Seah is an interactive designer. He has a variety of downloadable Productivity Tools. They are a must-have for anyone obsessed with tracking and making improvements. He has all the assortments that will help you in your daily activities. Find the ones that fit you, tweak them, and make them your own.

YearCompass is a booklet that helps you reflect on the year and plan the next one. It has a set of carefully selected questions and exercises; YearCompass enables you to uncover your patterns and design the ideal year for yourself.

Go ahead, reflect back on this year, and plan your next. →

This will never be the complete list, and I will update them as I remember and dig up the stashes of artifacts I have used over the years.

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