I just got an email from Alexander Blum that Flash "Plugin Switcher (Plugin Switcher)":http://www.pluginswitcher.de/ have been updated and is in "beta (pluginswitcher beta)":http://www.pluginswitcher.de/download/. The application is currently available just for windows with the following features;

* Switching ActiveX plugins (Flash, Shockwave, SVG, Acrobat)
* Switching Netscape plugins (Flash, Shockwave, SVG, Acrobat)
* Switching Flash IDE Player
* Experimental support for copy protection drviers (StarForce, SafeDisc, SecuROM, ProtectDisc)
* Checks for files in use prior to installation
* Assimilates Plugin versions in Archive folder
* Extend-able via XML files
* Features configurable via presets
* Runs without installation - Standalone (my personal choice)
* Context sensitvie help file (.chm)
* Logfiles

"Plugin Switcher Home Page (Plugin Switcher Home Page)":http://www.pluginswitcher.de/
"Plugin Switcher Download (Plugin Switcher Download)":http://www.pluginswitcher.de/download/