Jobs - Java Developers, CSS/XHTML Developers, *nix Admin

Dec 20, 2006

NanocastIt was a lucky day that I attended a cool session at the Barcamp Bangalore 2 and I instantly decided to ask the guy if he would be interested in being a part of our team. We exchanged emails, phone numbers and I took his resume. We are the final stage of finalizing our agreement with this guy. I'd like to keep his identity and his session at Barcamp to myself till we officially finalize his integration with our team.

That was for one of our much needed developer. Our team at "Nanocast (Nanocast)": is in need of more developers -- Java, CSS/XHTML and Linux/Unix System Administrators.

* Java Developer(s) -- We're looking for intermediate to advanced Java Developers.
* CSS/XHTML Developer(s) -- Proficient in CSS/XHTML, knows Web Standards. Should have developed at least one table-less layout/UI design.
* Unix/Linux System Administrator -- Intermediate to Advanced *nix System Administrator with a good amount of experience.

All positions are based in Pune (INDIA) and selected individual should be willing to re-locate to Pune. You can send in your resume to me directly at brajeshwar.oinam(at)nanocast(d0t)com or just "contact (contact)": me regarding the same.


Don't blame me if I don't respond to your mail for not mailing me with the correct *Subject*. Using just "Java", "CSS/XHTML" or "Unix/Linux" in the subject will do.

If you wish to know more about *Nanocast*, try out "Nanocast (Nanocast)": itself or browse through some of the team's photos on "Flickr (Flickr)":

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