The web interface is powered by Ajax, making it easy to organize your media files - photos, audio, videos and other documents. The application have smart ways of tagging and organization through folders. Besides the impressive online mechanism that they have, "My Fabrik (My Fabrik)": have the ability to tie the online storage with your local storage. If you have own network connected storage device, you can subscribe to the Fabrik Media service and avail of the same. "Techcrunch (Techcrunch)": have a more elaborate topic about *My Fabrik*.

Earlier during the month of July Niall Kennedy wrote an article - "Fabrik storage at home and in the clouds (Fabrik storage at home and in the clouds)": where he talks about the integration of the online storage service and the offline storage. One of the cool thing about "My Fabrik (My Fabrik)": is its ability to share your documents, media with other people and even drop them on other online services like "MySpace (MySpace)":, "Blogger (Blogger)":, your own blog or on any website/blog for that matter.

I'm still exploring this "Weblication (Weblication)": and I have a feeling as if I am on my own Mac. My Fabrik is definitely done by people who love the Apple Mac. It even has a Mac Flavor to its interface. You may even be amazed that there are features that you will keep stumbling upon as you continue to explore the application.


* Red Herring - "Storage Startup Fabrik (Storage Startup Fabrik)":
* Om Mallik - "Fabrik of Storage (Fabrik of Storage)":

*My Fabrik Photos on Flickr*

* "Fabrik photo browse (Fabrik photo browse)":
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* "My Fabrik Set on Flickr (My Fabrik Set on Flickr)":


* New York Times have a nice article - "Don't Keep All Your Data in One Stash (Don't Keep All Your Data in One Stash)": - advising you on how to have multiple back-up mechanisms for your datas, files, medias.