Valley-ish, Web 2.0 talks?

It was a refreshing talk, challenging discussions - let’s change the society, let us revolutionize technology further, make things easy to use for the common folks. No, we were not talking about ActionScript, Java, *nix syntax but technology, the way technology is used in our life, how people react to technology. We discussed about Web 2.0, new ideas, how to execute the ideas.

I was on some frantic marathon meetings spanning across 3 cities – Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore. Experienced travelling on a small Airplane which took twice the time as a normal one between Mumbai and Bangalore as there was no flight at 3:00 am in the morning.

Talked a lot with Abdul Qabiz and met Manish Jethani, and Pranav Verma (Quality Enginner at Adobe, India) for the first time and tremendously enjoyed talking to them.

Pranav is the one standing on the left corner in this Flash Player Team of India.

The talks were valley-ish (well, somebody told me about those terms they use where people talked about ideas, startups in the Silicon Valley, US), innovative, out of the conventional talks that majority people who do out here, challenging technology itself, spawning ideas then and there.

I enjoyed meeting up with all of them and loved the company I shared during those short impromptu meetings in Bangalore, India.