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When, how to listen to Podcasts or how to make use of your old iPod?

To me, it is not that practically possible to listen to podcasts while you’re at your computer, at work. Podcast are different from music and thus need to be listened to with concentration, in a way to understand what the podcast is talking about. One can listen to music and still work but not with podcast. So, how can you save your time, not disturb yourself at work but still be able to listen to podcasts.

I came up with 2 ways to do so - I am though not sure if that would be suitable for others or not; you may experiment it yourself.

I have a First Generation iPod (20GB) which was lying in my car, rather useless. I have begun using it to carry recorded podcast and to listen to while I drive. I sometimes burn coupla podcast in a CD and listen to the same. Currently, I am listening to the podcast from The Future of Web Apps and honestly I have learnt a lot new ideas, tips and tricks of Webapp Development.

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