Leopard enhanced Coda 1.1 released

Few days ago, Panic released CandyBar 3. I upgraded my copy and got good discounts as I already have Pixadex 2 and Candy Bar 2. Panic seems to be in release mode these days as they continue to upgrade their softwares. Lately, Coda was released with lots of bug fixes and enhancements targeted for Leopard.

Coda 1.1 have a bunch of Leopard-specific fixes including better Spaces support and plenty of UI improvement to bring it in line with Mac OS X 10.5. Coda, of late, is my de-facto development tool - it is a powerful Web Development Application which has Transmit built-in to it, an awesome CSS Editor (though I prefer the Text Editor mode) and a good Reference Book. Read the detailed Coda Release Notes.