Pownce; I got invites


Pownce is a Twitter-esque service combined with file sharing and chat. However, the attention it seeks from the community is largely because of the Digg-guy Kevin Rose who started it as a fun project.

I’m yet to enjoy it to its fullest; just got the invite yesterday from a good smart kid - Rishiraj. It has a Pro version and the only attractive feature there is the badge of which I haven’t subscribed yet.

Pownce has an Adobe AIR desktop based version. It is just a simple interface for Pownce and it gives you only a small fraction of its features. Pownce do not even have a designated logo but just text saying “Pownce”. Perhaps, it is true that it is just Kevin’s weekend project.

So, without much talk, I have the first batch of 6 invites and it is open for the general public for those who can take the pain to comment on this article. By the way, I have crossed 2000+ for the Joost invites and I still have a huge list of invites that got piled up during my extended vacation.