PownceAlright, alright, I wasn't taking it that seriously but yes, I got Pownce Invites to give out too. Pownce is another service like Twitter combined with file sharing and chat. However, the attention it seeks from the community is largely because of the Digg-guy Kevin who started it as a fun project.

I'm yet to enjoy it to its fullest; just got the invite yesterday from a good smart kid - Rishiraj. It has a Pro version and the only attractive feature there is the badge of which I haven't subscribed yet.

Pownce has an Adobe AIR desktop based version. It is just a simple interface for Pownce and it gives you only a small fraction of its features. Pownce do not even have a designated logo but just text saying "Pownce". Perhaps, it is true that it is just Kevin's weekend project.

So, without much talk, I have the first batch of 6 invites and it is open for the general public for those who can take the pain to comment on this article. By the way, I have crossed 2000+ for the Joost invites and I still have a huge list of invites that got piled up during my extended vacation.

Note: You do not need to put your email in the body of the comment, just use your proper email in the email field. I manually send out the invites and thus I know what your email is from the commenting system of my blog. And here is my Pownce Profile.


* Mashable is also giving Pownce Invites.


2007, 1st August: I've invited all those who have commented with a valid email ID. Pownce do not accept Spambox mail ID, so they're not invited. Moreover, your email is not public so use a valid email ID if you wish to get an Invite.