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Dell ‘Operates Well’ with Open Source Software

Though there has been much written, spoken, discussed and reported about open source software, there still seems to be a very small portion of the world that is using the open source software systems. It seems as though there is an apprehension amongst PC users to switch from the familiar Microsoft operating systems to GNU/Linux FOSS. However, lately the launch of the latest versions of several Open Source distributions has changed the scenario making the open source OS to be very similar to the Microsoft OS and sometimes even more convenient.

In light of this there is a new development in the technology world that has taken place. Renowned PC maker Dell has started to produce desktops and laptop notebooks that have in it installed the Ubuntu operating system, which apparently is the world’s leader in the open source OS market. It is not just that the Dell notebook or desktop would cost lesser with the open source OS, but there are additional benefits that come along with it too like, lesser cost of additional software, reduced lead-time to perform software registration and licensing formalities, little or no cost of upgrading the OS in the future and no problems are faced with regards to privacy.

If you were to order a notebook from Dell that has Ubuntu as its OS, you will be delighted to find out, that there is not much of a complication in getting used to it, in fact it is far simpler. Just like the Microsoft run Dell Inspiron works, the new Inspiron E1505N functions in quite a similar fashion - Once you open the packaging cart and after requesting consent with the Dell End User Software License Agreement, and briefly showing a GRUB boot loader screen, Ubuntu Linux starts up. The internet also shall start up immediately with no hassles of installing, running and upgrading internet software.

The pricing of the new E1505N from Dell is around $600 with a discount of $200 as against the Microsoft OS supported notebook which shall cost $948 and gets a $249 discount. A warranty that reads as follows is also included with the new Inspiron - “1 year limited warranty and mail-in service; Dell hardware warranty plus return to depot, initial year; Type 12, mail-in service, 24x7 technical support, initial year; Warranty support, initial year.” The technical support is only limited to Harware issues and there is no reason to panic when it comes to software issues, since there is online help with the existence of Ubuntu Forums.

Speaking about his pleasant experience of using the new E1505N from Dell powered by Ubuntu OS, a customer said “I have been pleasantly surprised by the responsiveness of this machine and the ease of set-up, enabling me to use it in a productive fashion right away. Installing software using Ubuntu’s Synaptic Package Manager is straight-forward. It allows you to explore thousands for quality packages from safe repositories, giving you the confidence everything there has been thoroughly tested. There is a search function that quickly finds all the software related to what you are looking for and gives you descriptions of each. With a few more mouse clicks the software is installed.”

Such testimonials have lead Dell to expand its Ubuntu driven PCs and notebooks to several other markets. With every new edition of Ubuntu, Dell aspires to upgrade its products and also try and leverage open source software systems to larger and broader choice of machines.

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