Ecobold - Buy and sell natural, organic and green products

Ecobold, a fresh Startup, is an online marketplace that makes it as easy as possible to buy and sell natural, organic and non-toxic products. Ecobold hand selects products that keep you, your family, and the earth healthy. In addition, Ecobold makes it easier to sell such products by offering merchants the best terms of any similar marketplace.

Going green has gone mainstream, with a reported 64% of the population now actively looking for green products - and justifiably so. In fact, prolonged exposure of up to 150 chemicals found in many home cleaning supplies are connected to allergies, birth defects, cancer, and psychological disorders.

The result is that the average newborn actually has 232 chemicals in its umbilical cord, according to a research done by the Environmental Working Group, a non-profit organization. Ecobold’s mission is to drive an increase in the consumption of safe products by lowering the barrier of both buying and selling green. Their team is comprised of green product experts who research products, investigate ingredients, and record daily in-depth video reviews to educate you on the advantages of buying non-toxic products.

The site currently offers over 2400 green, natural, non-toxic products from over 130 sellers. Any merchant can submit their products for review, and products that pass the site’s strict review standards are subject to just a 10% revenue share (which includes the credit card transaction fee). Other comparable services take up to 30%.

“The goal is to spur growth in both green entrepreneurship and product consumption,” says Steffany Boldrini, Founder and CEO of Ecobold. Steffany developed her eco-conscious lifestyle while growing up on a small ranch in Brazil, and since moving to the United States, she has devoted herself to creating environmental awareness.