Live On Campus Empowering Students Around The World

Most people choose one college but are always curious about life at others. Live On Campus allows a person to indulge their curiosity and live vicariously through the content from other campuses. Live On Campus hopes to bring the world a little closer in helping everyone appreciate the diversity of campuses around the world.

Recently, Live on Campus released The Wire (iTunes Link), which allows a person to see a stream of content from any campus in the world almost instantly. Each stream includes videos, images, tweets, Face Book updates and other interesting content related to a university. Students can create their own streams and compare them with their friends. All of this information can easily be filtered so users only see content of interest as well as a history of everything viewed.

Both a novelty and an intriguing lifelong fascination, people often describe college as being a bubble where students only really know what is happening on their own individual campus. The Wire is able to burst that bubble, creating an ideal method for high school students thinking about college to see what their future college life might look like. It also allows current college students to tune into the highlights of campus life at another school and their friends. It provides alumni and parents a glimpse of life on campus as they remember it, or as they would like to know more about it.

The Wire truly comes alive on the iPad and iPhone, and is also available via the web. The experience is fun, fast, and immediately absorbing. The streams of content are vibrant and beg to be explored. The iPhone version makes The Wire very portable, allowing a person to share their wire discoveries.

“Your Wire” is a collection of personal content a user finds interesting at Live On Campus, from various visited colleges as well as other sites on the web. This Wire is viewable on all technology devices so folks can recall and share their content anytime.
Using the tagline “The World is Your Campus”, “The Wire” has over 15,000 campuses represented so far. Now with the new technology, and a swipe of the finger, it’s really easy to go from the University of Tokyo to discovering life at UCLA.